Decade smart company, ”Decade” means the spirt of ten years hard working molds a sword. In order to come true the dream of technologywe do work unremittingly. We believe technology and smart will change all of our life firmly. Our company was founded in 2014(the company's predecessor is domestic mobile phone brand OEM), we bring together the most excellent technical teamfocus on the deep requirement and experience of users and also finish products with users. In the process we continue to optimizationinnovation, aim to create the most high quality Smart wearable products.

Our company was founded in 2014the project team is basically formed by the elites of more than ten years in the mobile phone industry. We began to create smart wearable in sep 2015. Product design basically from domestic communications products brands guest Designer (designer basically won the German iF, German Red Dot, China design red star award and the global industrial design awards), from the start of each of the products are wearable products began to become competitors of plagiarism.

The company's products include, smart watches, smart bracelets, all products have passed CE, Rosh, FCC and other European and American certification. We have the youngest and potential team.And we will use wisdom and diligence to develop "Decade" into a world famous brand in the field of smart wearable applications. Our strategy begins with a commitment to our customers and a passion for amazing smart devices.Behind the strategy to drive our success is based on excellence in operation and product design, all of which have been supported by strong manufacturing capabilities.Today, mobile consumers look for brands and products that resonate with them.We provide a good company's own brand, the strategy to license the blue chip chip brand and the retail business quickly solidify our major global suppliers in the industry. Our global business enables companies to quickly and efficiently provide smart wearable devices and solutions to diversified customers. Our scope and existence are unparalleled. Our business model is booming, our commitment to customers and the enthusiasm for amazing products.


We provide unique design solutions for global industry, aerospace and defense customers, solve complex problems, provide unmatched services, quality and support. Our vision is to become a leading supplier of smart wearable equipment suppliers. We want to eliminate any challenges that customers may face in order to simplify the customer's business process as much as possible. Our main vision is to reduce the cost of the project by outsourcing product manufacturing, graphic design, and coordinating their manufacturing and packaging requirements with various suppliers. We want to simplify the customer's business process as much as possible. We are fully committed to the growth and success of our customers. We are working directly with the first leading PCB manufacturer.

We have ten years of experience in manufacturing exports that can be a very good understanding of market trends, to provide new products and technology revolution widely to win the market for our customers, a number of more than 20 R & D team to support the fast service and good reputation to win customers from around the world, 74% from Europe, 20% from the United States and other regions; 5%.

We have strict quality control system to ensure all the materials and accessories in full inspection, and provide high quality products for you to get more market.

We have integrated the upstream and downstream resources of the supply chain to provide more cost-effective and high-quality products than those of our counterparts. The whole team can quickly solve the problems encountered by the customers and provide good service.

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